623 students went abroad on scholarships in 2022

A total number of 623 scholars proceeded abroad for their PhD, MS and Under-Graduate studies and 146 has completed their studies during Financial Year 2022, according to Pakistan Economic Survey.

In addition, 292 scholars have been awarded whereas 230 scholars completed 6-month PhD research fellowship abroad under International Research Support Initiative Programme (IRSIP) during the said period.

It is to be noted that Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is offering six-month research fellowship abroad to full time PhD students enrolled in Pakistan to enhance their research capabilities.

Indigenous Scholarships: A total number of 977 indigenous scholarships were awarded for Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and PhD studies under various schemes and 327 scholars completed their studies during FY2022 (Jul-Apr).

Foreign Students in Pakistan: Government of Pakistan has offered scholarships to students of Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and least developed countries of OIC. During FY2022 (Jul-Apr) a total 469 scholarships awarded to nationals of these countries, whereas 10 scholars completed their studies.

Need-Based Scholarships: A total number of 2,878 needs-based scholarships were awarded during FY2022 (Jul-Apr) under different need-based programmes, whereas 2,899 scholars completed their studies. It includes:

  • HEC Need-based scholarships
  • USAID-funded Merit & Need-based Scholarship Programme Planning & Development of Higher Education

HEC plans continue reforms that are in line with the Government of Pakistan’s Vision 2025 mainly to implement a process of developing human capital and to take higher education opportunities at the district level throughout the country.

During FY2022, the government initially allocated Rs 42.450 billion to HEC for implementation of 168 development projects (128 ongoing and 40 new approved projects) of Public Sector Universities/HEIs.

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