Aid of 2 million dollars for the construction of 100 houses affected by the floods of Lions Club International

MD-305 Pakistan PID Malik Khuda Bakhsh has been appointed as “Grant Administrator” for construction of houses.

Karachi, September 21, 2022: Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) has been awarded a grant of 200,000 US Dollars to reconstruct 100 houses in the flood affected area in MD-305 Pakistan. PID Malik Khuda Baksh has been appointed as the “Grant Administrator”, Lion Arshad Mehmood – Council Chairperson was appointed as a “Project Chairperson”.

 Lion Club International advised PID Malik Khuda Baksh to form a committee in comprising of three District Governors  along with three 1st Vice District Governors Lion Sheikh M. Waseem 305-N1, Lion Ashiq Ali Bajwa 305-N2, Muhammad Farooq Dhedhi – SouthLion Shafi Ullah Khan 305-N1, Lion Fezan Kapur 305-N2, Lion Abdul Rehman 305-South, PDG Council Secretary Lion M. Ishaq Dar, PDG Council Treasurer – Lion Aarif Khawar Butt, PCC LCIF Area Leader – Lion M. Azhar Chaudhray and line of action will be decided in the first meeting of the committee.

PID Malik Khuda Baksh accepted this task and has been told that it’s really a great honor for me to appointed as Grant Administrator in appreciation of my previous two task served as Grant Administrator, first was in 2008 during the earthquake in Pakistan for reconstruction of 177 houses in the earthquake affected area Anwar Village and second project of 248 houses reconstruct & build in three flood affected areas of Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa in 2010.

PID Malik Khuda Baksh specially thanked to the Lion Club International Foundation for helping the flood victims of Pakistan in this critical situation and also said that if we utilized the Grant in proper manner to help the flood affected people so Lion Club International Foundation will award more and more grant to help the flood affected people in Pakistan.

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