AJK president warns worsening situation in disputed Kashmir could lead to ‘nuclear war’

New York, October 01, 2019: Azad Kashmir President Masood Khan has warned that a deteriorating security situation in the disputed Kashmir region had the potential to escalate into a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan, and urged the U.N. and the world community to deal with the crisis.

In an interview with NEWSWEEK, a leading American weekly magazine, he described the situation at the Line-of-Control (LoC) as “volatile.”

“We have beefed up security, we remain vigilant,” Masood Khan said, arguing that “India with its aggressive and aggravating steps has pushed the region to the brink of war.”

“We are in a state of war right now, but the situation could escalate even further,” he added. “Any military exchange will not remain limited, it can and we fear it would escalate to the nuclear level, that is tantamount to nuclear armageddon.”

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