Al-Khidmat Foundation and Baghban Trust distributed financial aid checks to families

Islamabad, March 17, 2021: A special function was organized by Al-Khidmat Foundation and Baghban Trust in which financial assistance was provided to 14 families and cash checks were distributed in collaboration with Al-Khidmat Foundation and Baghban Trust Program Officer Moakhat Saqib Riaz was also present on the occasion.

On this occasion, the President of Al-Khidmat Foundation Hamid Athar Malik said that financial assistance to the needy is the religious and moral responsibility of Muslims and Al-Khidmat Foundation is the largest organization in the country which is working in seven sectors.

 Al-Khidmat Mokhawat is also running a program for the distressed and poor people of the society, which aims to provide easy installment loans to the working people so that they can ensure better livelihood for themselves in this bad economic environment.

He further said that Al-Khidmat Foundation is engaged in the service of suffering humanity across the country.

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