Al-Khidmat Foundation hosts charity dinner for Orphan children

Islamabad, April 08, 2021: Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan has organized a charity dinner for Orphan children. Addressing the conference on the occasion, Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Mangat, Vice President, Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan, said that Al-Khidmat Foundation is sponsoring about 14,000 children.

Al-Khidmat Foundation is using all its resources to serve the suffering humanity without any discrimination. Has always served Poker with sincerity in the spirit of service to the needy, the afflicted, and the deserving, which is why the role of service has always been prominent in the country’s renowned charities. He expressed these views while addressing a charity dinner organized by the Al-Khidmat Foundation for the welfare of orphans.

Other speakers in their speeches at the event said that Al-Khidmat is the capital of an organized country and nation dedicated to the service of the people whose job is to serve the needy and needy people of the country. He said that sponsoring helpless people and orphans is a guarantee of success in this world and the hereafter. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) narrated it to his ummah. Al-Khidmat is carrying out the work of serving the people in the light of Islamic teachings which is a source of pride for us

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