Alkhidmat’s Aghosh Homes children tour Indus Pencil Industry

Karachi, July 04, 2022: Alkhidmat Karachi’s unique Orphan Care project Aghosh Homes organized a Summer Camp recently during which orphan children resident in Aghosh Homes were taken on a study tour to the Indus Pencil Industry in Karachi, makers of the popular Deer brand of pencils.

They were accompanied by Alkhidmat Karachi Aghosh Homes Manager Musab bin Khalid and senior executives from the company. The children visited the Indus factory, where they observed the different stages of manufacturing of pencils as well as other related products. They were given some awareness of the raw material used in the manufacture of these products too.

The children noted these operations with great interest and asked many questions to satisfy their curiosity which were answered by the officials. Gifts were also distributed to these children by the company executives. Speaking on the occasion, Musab bin Khalid said that the tour was a part of a summer camp organized by Aghosh Homes which comprised other events also meant to give confidence to the children and enhance their knowledge and abilities.

He added that Alkhidmat desired to ensure a bright future for these orphan children. Thanking the Indus Pencil Industry for making the tour possible, he said that the ongoing summer camp included events such as Arabic Language classes, Computer Classes, Handwriting, Martial Arts and other sports. The study tour proved to be of great benefit to the children who enjoyed it very much.

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