Alkhidmat’s Pharmacy Summer Internship Program 2022 kicks off

Karachi, June 20, 2022: Alkhidmat Karachi’s 10-day Pharmacy Summer Internship Program 2022 commenced recently. The internship, which was held at the Alkhidmat Nazimabad Hospital was attended by students of the Jinnah University, as well as Director Pharmacy Services Alkhidmat Karachi, Jamshed Ahmed, Manager Kashif Shameem and other officials of Alkhidmat Karachi.

During the internship, pharmacy students will practically witness the operations of hospitals and community pharmacies. Arsalan Ameen gave a brief overview of Alkhidmat Karachi and the need of building a better and more caring society.

In the opening session of the internship, Director Pharmacy Department Alkhidmat Karachi Jamshed Ahmed welcomed the participating students and gave an introduction of the program. He said that Alkhidmat Karachi organizes this Pharmacy Summer Internship Program every year in which pharmacy students from various universities are given the opportunity of attending and benefitting from it.

He explained that the purpose of the internship was to impart training and awareness in different departments so that students could utilize this experience according to their needs and abilities. Lastly, he spoke to the students regarding the opportunities available in the field of pharmacy both in the country and abroad, and guided them about availing these opportunities and building a successful career.

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