All records of Digital Birth Registration Project should be saved online, Najam Ahmad Shah

Karachi, December 1, 2020: Secretary Local Government, Housing and Town Planning, Sindh  Najam Ahmad Shah has said that all records of Digital Birth Registration Project should be linked to online database to make it safe and long lasting.

In a meeting with UNICEF and EPI representatives at his office, Najam Ahmad Shah said that all the records obtained through the joint efforts of the local government and UNICEF to make the Digital Birth Registration Project more successful are safe and useful on a permanent basis it is very important to be connected to the online data to create and any delays in this matter should be avoided.

nment Secretary, the ongoing Digital Birth Registration Project in Sindh Province is the only and unique project of its kind under which birth record of all children born with vaccination history is being compiled to address future needs and complaints. Not only will special assistance be provided for redressal, but it will also be helpful in formulating the accuracy and strategy of official data.

Najam Ahmad Shah specially urged all the concerned staff to use all available resources to make the digital birth registration scheme safe and effective in all cases and to inform them of the complete performance report.

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