ASDWT Karachi organize training and awareness about Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder Welfare Trust (ASDWT) Karachi organized a training sessions to create awareness among people about Neuro Developmental Disorders, especially Autism.

The organization working on autism awareness and training came to know after a survey that even doctors here are not fully aware of autism. Hence, the ASDWT started working on creating awareness in this regard and for that purpose they hired highly trained clinical psychologists.

“Then we contacted various institutions and found out that there is a lack of training. So we started providing training to people,” said Rukhsana Shah, who is also the mother of an autistic son.

On this occasion, guests from different organizations were invited including Qazi Fazli Azeem from Advocacy, Omair Ahmed from CEO, NOWPDP, Irum Rizwan Director, CARTS, Akbar Hussain from PSDF, Masroor Sheikh from SBTE, Sana Ayaz from KVTC, Naveed Tejani from AKU, Rana Asif Habib from Advocate High Court, Lubna from Bank Alfalah, Tamkeen from JS Bank, Tehmina Kalia from APRA, Farkhanda Jabeen from SOP and Hasham from CHASE UP was present and expressed, how industry is supporting children/adult facing problems because of Neuro Developmental Disorders, especially Autism.

The founder of ASDWT added that since then they have invited some potential Vocational Trainers to train people. Chairman Sindh Board of Technical Education Dr. Masroor Sheikh visited various such training sessions and also guided the organization with regards to training.

It is to be noted that ASDWT was established in Karachi in 2017 with a purpose to spread awareness among people about Neuro-Developmental Disorders, especially Autism. “The children who joined us in 2015 or earlier are now teenagers or adults,” said Rukhsana, adding that there is a serious concern about the future of those children in this country.

She said there are no vocational training centers for such children and how we treat such children is a big question. “It is important for people to know that children with autism have low mental capacity or IQ as compare to normal human beings,” said Rukhsana. She further added, “If they are trained in a certain way then they will be useful for the society and can live a better life.”

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