Beaconhouse is the most expensive school in Pakistan.

Karachi, April 2, 2019: According to an estimate, Beaconhouse extracts from 5 to 6 billion rupees monthly and 60 to 70 billion rupees per year from Pakistanis.

This school is owned by Nasreen Kasuri, wife of former Pakistani External Affairs Minister Khursheed Mohammad Kasuri, his son Qasim Kasuri runs it. This family has become a strong leaf because of this educational institute.

Khursheed Mohammad Kasuri is the one who resigned protest against the Shariah Bill. (Probably the whole family is anti-Islami)

Liberalism Researcher “Beaconhouse is wandering at least 4 lakh students trained in Pakistani society every year. These students belong to the highest classes in Pakistan, such as bureaucracy, journalists, politicians, businessmen of government organization are included.

The majority of those who serve in the Pakistani society are almost literate. They look forward to blaming all the ideology and ideas on which our society is not only based on but based on which Pakistan was built. The majority of these students are kept almost unaware from Urdu. ( Which is the second most important part to unite Pakistan after Islam. )

The majority of these students belonging to the highest class of Pakistan are taking the fastest positions in Pakistan. A large part of the same class is going to the army, which obviously does not go to recruit as a soldier.

If Bacon House operates at the same speed, Pakistan will become a liberal state in the coming five to ten years, after which no one is able to stop the existence of Pakistan.

The famous arrested Milan Ayazi’s words, probably you remember that,

“We have planted our sleeper’s cells (professors and lecturers) in your colleges and universities, which will ruin all the ideological ideas of the new generation of Pakistan on whom you are standing.” They will be more realistic. They will reject your entire history at the time of adventure and lightning. They will see India as the winner and you as a defeated nation. They will see your enemies their hero and you’re the villain. They will take the ideology of Pakistan as Myths. They will know your elders as fools, and they will be miserable to your Messenger, as well as they will begin to doubt on ALLAH.”

Both the media and the Supreme Court are failing to stop the war against Pakistan under the name of “Education” by Beacon house.

Only the people of this country can now chain this “affection”. We all have to do this work together.

Regarding the Bacon House, not only will the Supreme Court be referring to again, but also patriot media channels and PTI government will be demanded to take action in this regard.

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