BREAKING: Multiple people shot at intersection in Washington, D.C., Shooting Incident

Washington, June 20, 2022: A total of 4 people were shot and injured in Washington D.C. Including a Police Officer and a 15-year-old male. In videos from the scene, officials can be assessing multiple others that are lying on the street.

according to initial reports, a 15-year-old boy has been killed while a DC police officer, who was also shot and is recovering in the hospital.

DC Police Chief Robert Contee said a 15-year-old boy, two adults and an MPD officer were shot at a free music event known as Moechella just before 9:30 p.m. Several hundred people had gathered at the event.

“All of this occurred over a span of about two hours,” DC Police Chief Robert Contee said. “It was an unpermitted event by the Moechella group.” 

No arrests have been made yet. 

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