Daraz announces Seller Promises including faster pay-outs and accelerated business growth

Karachi, April 07, 2021: Daraz, the leading e-commerce platform in South Asia announced its commitment to provide additional support to local entrepreneurs and enhance the selling experience on the platform over the coming months. 

In a recent online conference, Daraz Group CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen, announced key initiatives planned for seller growth on Daraz.With the newly launched promises, the market leader will aidthe economic growth of the region and accelerate digitalization.

According to Bjarke, “Sellers are the heart of Daraz’ ecosystem, and in 2021 our key focus will be to make it easier and faster tosign up, start selling,and growing your business online. Our seller promises for 2021form the foundation to improve seller experience and allow our sellers to capture the full growth potential in the market.”

COVID has accelerated the retail shift to e-commerce, and thousands of sellers have been joining Daraz every month. However, the online retail share in the region is still low, and South Asian markets are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. On this note, the CEO added, “We hope our seller community is as optimistic as we are about the year to come. Despite the COVID impact on the broader economy, we are convinced that 2021 will be a year of great success for e-commerce. We will be doing our utmost to make it a success for all of our trusted and valued sellers.”

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