Dawlance launches new refrigerators with Vitamin Fresh Technology

Karachi: 14th July, 2020: The leading manufacturer of innovative home-appliances – Dawlance has enriched its range of refrigerators by introducing its latest Series

Previously Dawlance introduced therevolutionary Nature Lock Technology in its series of refrigerators and now this latest series will also have Vitamin Fresh Technology that is capable of preserving vitamin A and C in fruits and vegetables for longer durations.

Developed with state-of-the-art features for extended preservation of food, these new products reflect; “Innovation inspired by nature”.

Extending the promise and legacy of European quality, Dawlance is the first brand in Pakistan to introduce this disruptive technology that promises ground-breaking features for extended preservation of food, along with numerous other sophisticated functions.

Recognising the evolving needs in the market, Dawlance has created several new technologies such as Nature Lock and Vitamin Fresh that enable longer preservation of food, and so health-savvy consumers can get rich nutrition on a daily basis.

“Vitamin fresh” is a unique feature inside the crisper that has been inspired from the natural sun cycle.

This technology preserves the optimum level of Vitamin A and C inside fruits and vegetables eventually preserving their health and nutrition for longer periods of time. Vitamin Fresh technology, thus not only helps in boosting immunity but also keeps fruits and vegetables as fresh as the day they were picked.

By utilizing the power of varying light combinations, fruits and vegetables are exposed to a natural way of preserving vitamins, encouraging a healthier diet.

This development within the market is just one step towards achieving Dawlance’s mission of empowering the new generations to live healthier and providing accessible wellbeing for all their consumers.

The Director Sales and Marketing at Dawlance – Syed Hasan Jameel stated that: While the consumers are becoming well aware of the importance of food-security, Dawlance is inspiring them to take conscious measures to reduce food-wastage.

The company’s research-based innovations including this specialized range of refrigerators ensures that food storage is safer, while the essential Vitamins and high nutritional value is retained, for weeks.”

This new series of refrigerator comprises of an ‘Optimized-Fan with a state-of-the-art odour filter for homogenous airflow inside the fresh food compartment, which cleans the air by removing unpleasant odour and keeps food fresh.

The series is also equipped with a Bright White LED Bar on the side-wall of the Refrigerator along with IOT Connectivity through SYNC app, so the consumers can operate it on-the-go, from anywhere in the world.

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