Dawlance pioneers exports of microwave ovens from Pakistan

 “Pakistan is diversifying its exports into engineering products” – Adbul Razzak Dawood Advisor to PM

Karachi, July 01, 2020: Dawlance has once again proved its technology leadership in Pakistan. It has now become the first company in Pakistan to export globally competitive Micro-wave ovens. This export-consignment is a part of Dawlance’s commitment to enrich Pakistan’s economy, by strategically diversifying its business towards international markets and earn valuable foreign exchange.

The first batch of microwave oven are being exported to Bangladesh while the brand foresees exports of various other countries. Dawlance has been exporting its locally produced refrigerator and washing machine to various countries while it is the only brand from Pakistan to export its water dispenser to Europe.

Dawlance’s progressive vision is also aligned with the Government’s aim to promote exports in new industries, while reducing the nation’s reliance on the five traditional export sectors. Dawlance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arcelik – The Turkish conglomerate and the 3rd largest manufacturer in Europe. Hence, the highest standards of quality and innovation are already implemented throughout its production facilities and supply-chains. 

The Director Sales & Marketing at Dawlance – Hasan Jameel stated that: “Among the emerging export-industries of Pakistan, Engineering products and home-appliances promise robust opportunities for international growth.

Dawlance is now ready to capitalize on its global quality-standards to unleash the tremendous potential of its innovative products. Exporting Pakistan’s first-ever consignment of Microwave Ovens is also a part of this diversification policy.”

Dawlance has enriched its innovative microwave ovens with many revolutionary features to promise exceptional safety, convenience, nutrition and taste, while saving a lot of time and energy-costs. Consumers can use Dawlance Microwave Ovens to perfectly heat, defrost or cook a wide range of local and international foods. Even baking, Heating, Cooking and Air-Frying is also possible now.

The Prime Minister’s Advisor on Commerce – Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood has stated that; “Pakistan is rapidly diversifying its exports into high quality and globally competitive engineering and pharmaceutical products. Special provisions have been made in the National Budget 2020-2021 to meet these objectives, by taking measures for Tariff-Rationalization.

With these considerations, the Commerce Division, Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) and other stakeholders are also finalizing the government’s “Strategic Trade Policy Framework” (STPF). The taxes and duties on the import of raw materials and components for Televisions and Cellular-phones have already been reduced, because these products have vast markets for exports.

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