Five members of Polani family died in plane crash

Karachi, May 23, 2020: Five members of the ni family were on board on the flight crashed from Lahore to Karachi.

Yahya Polani’s nephew Zain Polani, his wife Sara and their 3 children were traveling in the PIA’s airline and were died in the plane crash.

Victim Sara was doing her PhD in London and was living there with 3 children. Few days ago, the family got a flight from London to Lahore and now they were returning home from Lahore when they had met with the accident.

Zain was son of Zakria Polani and working at Standard Chartered Bank and was in Karachi. He went to Lahore to pick his family members for Eid celebration in Karachi along with other family members.

Further Addition to story on May 29, 2020:

Out of five two bodies of the deceased Zain Polani and Sara Polani were indentified on Thursday May 28, 2020 after DNA test and their funeral prayer was offered at Aalamgir Masjid Buhadurabad.

The bodies of three children namely Muhammad Ibrahim Polani, Muhammad Usman Polani and Muhammad Siddique Polani have still not identified.

According to Yahya Polani, it was the will of Zain Polani that his funeral prayers to be offered at Aalamgir Masjid. He was laid to rest at MevaShah graveyard.

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