Former Test cricketer Salim Yousuf became Assistant Collector in customs

Karachi, April 6, 2019: Former Test cricketer (wicket keeper) Salim Yusuf became the Assistant collector customs. According to details, Saleem Yousuf is posted as Principal Appariser Custom Intelligence and Investigation Karachi, Development in BS 17.

Salim Yousuf has been serving various positions in the institution and he is considered as a compassionate, honest and hardworking officer. Former cricketer Salim Yusuf has also done excellent services for the nation and also in his cricket career and played a key role in the team’s success in the domestic and international events.

The key figures from different fields include sportsmen, social leaders, Businessman and the Leaders of city, congratulate Salim Yousuf from the core of their heart to become assistant collector customs, hoping that he assists the Assistant Collector Customers’ Responsibilities will perform with honesty and hardwork.

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