FPCCI president accused of casting 2 votes in elections 2020

Karachi, January 22, 2020: Current President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Anjum Nisar has rigged the elections by getting himself enlisted in final list of voters on two separate associations: Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA) and Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association (PCMA) which is in a clear violation of Trade Organizations Act 2013. In a final list released by Secretary General of FPCCI for the year 2020, Anjum Nisar’s name can be seen on two spots No.267 and No.269.

As per details, Anjum Nisar current President of FPCCI had cast two votes by posing as representative of two different associations namely Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA) and Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association (PCMA) during FPCCI elections which were held on 27th of December 2019.

Earlier during the nominations for the provisional list of voters, Anjum Nisar was barred from voting by Secretary General of FPCCI via letter dated 31/10/2019 since his company S.A. Trading Corporation was not a member of PFMA. Anjum Nisar challenged the decision by filing an appeal to the Election Commission under Rule 18 of the Trade Organizations Rules 2013 the Election Commission rejected his appeal after hearing on 08/11/2019.

Despite clear decisions of the concerned authorities, Directorate General of Trade Organizations DGTO had passed impugned orders in favour of both appeals of Anjum Nisar.

Moreover Anjum Nisar was also expelled from the provisional list of voters on being representative of PCMA by Secretary General FPCCI on the basis of being in the list twice. He challenged this decision to Election Commission who also rejected the appeal.

Then again DGTO came to the rescue who directed both Election Commission and Secretary General FPCCI to include the name of Anjum Nisar in the Final Voters List of FPCCI 2020.

It is worth mentioning here that attaining right to cast two votes as representatives of different associations and trade bodies in same elections is not permissible under any law, Rules or Articles of Association. This exercise is patently illegal and DGTO orders are without jurisdiction.

After witnessing the foul practice and its drastic impact the candidate of the opposing group: United Business Group for the position of Senior Vice President at FPCCI Hanif Gohar has filed a case against this rigging in Sindh High Court whose hearing will commence from 27th of January.

In a statement Hanif Gohar said such irresponsible attitude of authorities and rigging by opposing candidate would only hurt FPCCI in long run. “After committing to this rigging Anjum Nisar is no more Sadiq and Amin as per Article 62/63 of our constitution,” He said.    

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