Govt well aware of business community issue to solve priority basis: Arif Alvi

Make 5 year complete policy with consultation with FBR and business community – Shahid Vaseem, Chairman PCDMA.

Karachi, August 30, 2019: President Dr. Arif Alvi has given assurance to solve the problem of business community on priority basis and said that the government is implementing the slogan of ease doing business.

President Arif Alvi has assured business community that the government is well aware of their problem and making effort to resolve them on priority basis and implement the slogan of Government for ease of  doing business and taken no of measure for making business easy and we would honour of the commitment so can commercial and industrial activity of country continue President expressed these views during a meeting with delegation of PCDMA led by Chairman Shahid Vaseem included Vice Chairman M. Saleem Nini, Choudhary Naseer, Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, Waqas Rahim Chughtai, Nasir Chughtai, Ejaz Saleem & Salman Pervez.

President said if business and industries will flourish, country will flourish and government has fully aware of all problems of industries and business and businessman should not consider them alone and government will always support them.

He has given reply to Chairman Shahid Vaseem issue of difference between taxes of commercial and industrial importers of raw material said that government has already minimize the difference in Budget and further less the difference and make it on some level in coming days.

Shahid Vaseem has said that commercial importers import raw material for industries so that we make supply them on regular basis. He also points out the difference of tax between commercial importer and Industrial importers and said the same taxes will apply on commercial and industrial importers and request to make east to do business for commercial importer.

PCDMA Chairman Shahid Vaseem has given advise that a meeting of registered Association with FBR official on quarterly basis and make a complete policy for 5 years so that there is not any anomaly arises in budget and country will go in path of prosperity.

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