Groundbreaking of Business Hub held in DHA Multan

Multan, February 12, 2021: The groundbreaking of Business Hub, a project of Bodla Builders, was held in DHA Multan on Thursday. The project’s sales and marketing rights are exclusively available with Pakistan’s leading property portal

Zameen’s Senior Director (Central) Sheikh ShujaUllah Khan, Regional Sales Manager Rana Farrukh Nadeem, Bodla Builders Chairman Colonel (retired) Tahir Iqbal Bodla, CEO Pir Sohaib Tariq Bodla, Pir Aslam Bodla, Pir Junaid Iqbal Bodla, Pir Asim Bodla, Pir Huzaifa Bodla, Pir Ali Bodla, Pir Hasaan Bodla, Pir Aftab Bodla, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab Haji Javed Akhtar Ansari, Member Punjab Assembly Syed Ali Haider Gillani, Brigadier (retired) Qaiser Mahay, and members of the city’s business and political fraternity were present on the occasion.

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Addressing the ceremony, Zameen’s Senior Director (Central) Sheikh ShujaUllah Khan said that Business Hub has been introduced through to promote business activity in the historic city of Multan. He further stated that the project will prove to be a modern business center for the residents of DHA Multan as well as businessmen working in suburban areas due to its superb positioning.

Bodla Builders CEO Pir Sohaib Tariq Bodla said that his firm has designed Business Hub keeping in view all business needs and requirements of the citizens of Multan. The multipurpose project consists of eight floors and offers lucrative opportunities for setting up retail outlets, apparel brands and other business ventures.

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