Huge surge in online shopping fraud in city

Criminals using social media to lure buyers and stealing millions of rupees, Thugs operating under “Modern Clothing” and “Berz Fas Fashion Designers” names

Karachi, May 20, 2020: As government enforced half day lockdown to reduce the spread of Covid-19 during the holy month of Ramazan, a trend of online shopping is on the rise in Karachi.

However criminal gangs operating under various aliases such as “Modern Clothing” and “Berz Fas Fashion Designers”, have deprived citizens of their hard-earned money with the assistance of some courier services by sending fake parcels against the orders placed by the citizens after viewing pictures of different clothes on social media.

As per details, criminals have setup fake facebook pages with the names of   “Modern Clothing” and “Berz Fas Fashion Designers” and share pictures of women accessories and clothing as shops’ merchandise.

Innocent buyers place order after selecting any one of the following suits that are supposedly “offered” by these online shops, then receive parcel after 10 days containing old dirty unhygienic clothes.

A renowned courier service representative reaches to buyer’s house with the parcel around iftari time and asks for immediate closure of transaction without even handing over parcel for inspection before money.

A resident of Nazimabad no. 4 ordered a dress from Berz Fas, who sent parcel containing dirty old clothes in a parcel. Courier company is equally responsible in this fraud since the clothes were packed in courier company’s packing not Berz Fas’s packing. It shows that the representative exactly knew what was in the packet before giving it to the consumer.

By these fraudulent practices, Courier Company and criminals have stolen millions of rupees from Karachiites. Concerned authorities are duly informed of these illegal activities but so far no action has been taken against these people.

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