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Imran Khan doing politics honestly: Shahbaz Gill

Islamabad, March 14, 2022: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communications Dr. Shahbaz Gill on Monday said Prime Minister Imran Khan was doing politics honestly and paying the price for his devotion and faithfulness towards making Pakistan a prosperous and flourishing country.

“Doing politics honestly is very difficult. I see Prime Minister Imran Khan paying the price every day for his honesty and devotion towards his country. When you implement something honestly it shows your strength and I see that in Imran Khan,” he said while speaking at the Overseas convention here. Gill said when he went to UK and USA he was informed that Khan was a very good man but his team was not up to the mark.

“Let me tell you that a good captain can never select a bad team,” he said. Recalling the names included in Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Nawaz Sharif’s cabinet in 2013, he said Khawaja Asif who was part of that cabinet, his name was involved in the UAE company, Sialkot fake housing society, fake rice business, and for making black money white.

He said the next was Ahsan Iqbal whose brother sold plants worth Rs 300,000 each in Punjab for which the documents were also available and even all contracts in Lahore were also given to him. Gill said Ishaq Dar’s name was enough to explain how corrupt and dishonest Nawaz’s cabinet.

“Dar opened a company and was making money using the name of a Holy personality, such a shameless man he was. Dar also in his statement had told the court that he taught Nawaz to do money laundering.”

He said if they wanted to talk about the truth then they had to start it from our homes. He recalled that once he went to Faisalabad and met his cousin Sajjad Gill, who was an advocate and a very humble man.

“He told me that someone has offered Rs 25 crores for helping them out in sorting a matter. I told him that you had been with me since childhood and you know I don’t do such a thing.

To which he replied, he also conveyed them the same but they said that Rs 25 crores were a big amount. This is the moral collapse of our society. We cannot become a successful and prosperous country until we fix our morality,” he said.

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