Issues can be sattled through negotiation

Karachi, February 27, 2019: The World had witnessed numerous wars but ultimate results to cause of conflicts were settled through negotiations on table, hence solution to any serious conflict between the two countries is peaceful settlement through “negotiation”! Pakistan & India are currently confronted with highly charged environment of “War” which is a highly alarming situation …….War is easy to initiate like igniting a big tank of inflammable fuel by a single match stick but once ignited, it gets beyond control and burns everything …………..War simply means huge loses of precious human lives, severe below to economy, mass scale destruction of Infra Structure, taking both the war- affected countries years’ back to square one.

250 million people are living below the poverty line in South Asian Region who have been made hostage by irresponsible attitude of India , playing havoc with their fates and it’s time she should behave like a responsible state and avoid taking the situation to point of no return i.e. “ nuclear war” !

While we as business community stand side by side with our Armed forces during this crucial time to extend all possible material and moral support, we strongly stress the need to diffuse this alarming situation through peaceful talk and India must stop provocation to facilitate the process of talk on table since it’s her who triggered this situation while Pakistan continues to defend itself.

The peace between the two countries would be beneficial for both the countries for millions of people and ensure better and stable economy for the two countries.

War had never been nor would be any solution to any conflict ….let the peace prevail to ensure economic prosperity between India and Pakistan.

#PakistanStrikesBack #PakistanZindabaad #SayNoToWar #PakistanAirForceOurPride

The writter is Waheed Ahmed.
Patron-in-Chief , All Pakistan Fruit and vegetable ,Exporters,Importers & Merchants Association & Former Vice President – FPCCI