JI stages sit-in against KE

Karachi: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) on Saturday staged sit-in on Shahrah-e-Faisal near Nursery against Karachi Electric (K-E)’s unscheduled long hours load shedding, issuance of inflated bills and  proposed raise in power tariff.

The JI leaders in their address to protestors were of the view that K-E has become an ally to rulers in central and Sindh in order to materialise its unfounded demands.

A number of JI workers and people from all walks of life besides representatives from trader bodies also participated in sit-in.

Lashing out K-E, Karachi JI ameer, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman exposed power entity’s wrong doings and said that minting money on behest of rulers has been hallmark of K-E for long.

He said now power entity under patronage of PTI is not ready to change its long old indifference stance to disgrace consumers and to shun issuing inflated bills, long hours load shedding on pretext of lines maintenance work and blaming gas and oil entities short supply of fuel to run its power generation plants.

In 2018, PM Imran Khan had provided around Rs 90 billion to K-E on subsidy head, he disclosed.

During shutdown of trading activities on coronavirus, K-E issued bills to closed shops and businesses to millions, which is unprecedented, he added.

He alleged Abraaj Group funding to PTI in general election drive. The Abraaj Group chief, Arif Naqvi on deceiving investors and now under arrest in London is under PTI patronage, he informed.

He also criticised federal ministers, Asad Umer and Ali Zaidi and others PTI leaders of their sham announcements on power crisis and claiming false resolution.

Traditional announcements by PTI ministers and leaders on all civic crisis is their routine daily business, he remarked.  

Hafiz Naeem claimed that even workers of all polities parties are also anti-K-E and showing their anger over indifference of K-E.

Despite covid-19, participation by a large number of people is showing how much they are under mental agony due to K-E attitude towards consumers, he admired.

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