Karachi to have water treatment, desalination plants

Karachi, July 26, 2022: Karachi is going to have two waste water treatment plants with the assistance of Asian Development Bank, while desalination plants on the coastline will also be established to overcome water scarcity in the city.

Waste Water Treatment Plant at TP-1

This is first of its kind project in Pakistan, a 50 MGD Municipal Waste Water Recycling Project in Karachi. The Project is being developed with the assistance of Public Private Partnership Unit and Office of the Public Private Partnership (OPPP) of Asian Development Bank.

The concessionaire will convert the sewerage water into industrial use and take over the responsibility of the water supply to industries in SITE Area, carry out the operations and maintenance, up-gradation, replacement and establishment of required water supply infrastructure of KWSB’s water treatment plant at TP-1.

The project feasibility has been completed and Investor Solicitation to be completed in 2023.

Waste Water Treatment Plant at TP-4

Karachi Water and Sewerage Board with the assistance of Asian Development Bank is developing a 120 MGD Municipal Waste Water Recycling Project to supply industrial grade water in Karachi.

The project will be located in Korangi Industrial Area and will operate on a revenue model with metering, billing and collection from customers in Korangi and Landhi Industrial Area.

Desalination Plants

In order to bring efficiency in the existing water supply system with huge demand, the provincial government through KWSB plans to establish desalination plants along its coastline measuring 100 Km to overcome water scarcity.

Karachi Hub Water Canal Project

The project scope involves the rehabilitation of Karachi Hub Water Canal infrastructure including a 22.4 km canal, pumping stations, water filtration plant and rising mains.

It also includes installation of a solar plant to serve as an alternative source of power to the national grid.

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