Lithium, Hidden Gold of Pakistan: Ismail Suttar

Karachi, October 11, 2021:  President, Employers’ Federation of Pakistan, Ismail Suttar, strongly believes in the extraordinary possibilities Lithium carries for Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with a staggering number of 92 minerals, each carrying its hidden potential. However, the massive opportunities lithium has to offer in terms of its application for eco-friendly alternate of hydrocarbon fuel is gradually surfacing for the world to spectate.

In a statement, the EFP president said that fact states that 75% of the world’s supply of lithium emerges from Chile, Argentina and Bolivia also known as “The Lithium Triangle”. It is an absolute honour to announce that the newly discovered lithium deposits in salt lakes of Pakistan will revolutionize the potential this country carries with regard to value added mineral exports. “We are blessed to be included in this exclusive lithium circle, which is the most valuable replacement of electricity generation in the times which have arrived when the entire world sets its eyes on carbon reduction”, he added.

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Ismail Suttar further states that Pakistan has the capacity to produce 1-3 million tons of lithium per annum currently priced at 10,000-12,000 USD per ton. This is where EFP along with an understanding with the Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan plays its pivotal role in carrying out initial pilot study on lithium from Lake Brine which is underway at the moment at a couple of sites. EFP president added that with support from the Government in terms of reducing cost of doing business to facilitate such energy extensive processes, in order to encourage investors interest, he firmly believes that Pakistan will be playing a significant role in supplying lithium added products to the world.

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