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Marriyum shares details for depositing donations in PM’s flood relief account

Islamabad, August 24, 2022: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Wednesday released the details for depositing donations in the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Account 2022.

In a statement, she said that State Bank of Pakistan had issued a circular for collection of donations through all commercial banks.

Local and overseas Pakistanis could deposit donations in this account, said the minister.

The minister said that 30-year rainfall record had been broken and unprecedented destruction had taken place across the country, especially in Balochistan and Sindh.

She appealed to the masses to support the countrymen in trouble and requested all Pakistanis here and abroad to donate generously.

She said that these donations could be deposited in Prime Minister Relief Fund Account 2022 Account No. ‘G-12164’

All Pakistanis could join the work of helping flood victims through donations. All commercial banks and their branches could collect donations in the Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund 2022 as per State Bank of Pakistan circular. Overseas Pakistanis can also send donations through wire transfers, money service bureaus, money transfer operators and exchange houses. Donations can also be deposited in cash at all commercial banks. Deposits can also be made through cross-cheque, mobile and internet banking, ATMs, ABFT and Raast in the drop boxes of banks.

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