Pakistan is hosting a meeting of IOTC working party

Karachi, November 28, 2019: In the history of 23 years of relationship between Pakistan and IOTC (Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, a subsidiary body of FAO of United Nations), Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Government of Pakistan is hosting the all-important meetings of the IOTC Working Party of Data Collections and Statistics from 27th to 30th November, 2019 and Scientific Committee from 2nd to 6th December. 2019 at Marriot, Karachi, Pakistan. 

A total of 16 countries are participating in these events. It will bring the revolution in the betterment of the fisheries sector of Pakistan and open the best possible avenues to interact with the international community for Fisheries Development in the Country.

Tuna fishing in Pakistan is based on large gill nets used on-board about 500 vessels which are dedicatedly engaged in catching large pelagic fish. Pakistan, being a member of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) is fully committed to fulfilling all the obligations in the future keeping in view the existing situation of fish stock in Pakistan, there is a need to take Stringent measures for sustainable management of fisheries resources and the reduction the over-capacity in fisheries for rebuilding the fish stocks.

Different stakeholders involved in the fishery sector attended the meeting and fully utilized ideas and recommendations, which came out of this meeting. Fisheries’ potential is a gift of nature and with this not only we can fulfill our food requirement, but we can also earn foreign exchange, we shall try to utilize the scientific methods to stand with the developed countries of the contemporary  modern age.

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