PCDMA demands to waive income, sales tax, WHT & other audit notices for 2 months

  • CNIC condition should be deferred for 6 months due to COVID-19 Pandemic: Amin Yousuf Balgamwala

Karachi, March 30, 2020: Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchants Association (PCDMA) chairman and former director Karachi Stock Exchange Amin Yousuf Balgamwala has protested against notices sending to commercial importers and demanded to withdraw all notices.

In a statement, chairman PCDMA has requested to waive all notices including income tax, sales tax, WHT and all proceeding in this regard for 2 months due to the worst economic crisis, as due to coronavirus pandemic, all the business activities have stopped and commercial importers are already facing huge financial crises.

Amin Yousuf Balgamwala said we are surprised on receiving FBR notices, as whole country is lockdown for prevention of coronavirus pandemic, so chairman FBR to issue directives to chief commissioner and all RTOs to stop harassment to commercial importers, so that import activities could be restored after the lockdown period.

“If wheel of trade & industry will continue to rotate, will create more opportunities for employment as the country develops”. he said

chairman PCDMA further said that if all notices including income tax, sales tax, WHT and other proceeding not stopped for at least 2 months then the textile industry will be badly affected which is the backbone of the domestic economy as commercial importers are the largest means of providing raw materials to the textile industry to continue production activities.

Amin Yusuf Balgamwala also demanded to defer the condition of the CNIC on the sale of goods to unregistered persons for six months so that the business community, especially small traders should be protected from destruction.

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