PEMRA notification to News / Current Affairs tv channels

Islamabad, April 6, 2019: The notification has been sent by PEMRA to all the News / Current Affairs TV channels that participation of Armed Forces retired Officers in News and Current Affair programs as Defense Analyst is not considere as the discussion mostly switches from security matters to politics which inadvertently embroils Military Officers into political debate which is felt undesirable.

Moreover all News / Current Affair TV channels are requested that Retired Armed Forces Officers may only be invited as Defense Analyst for discussion on military matter with prior clearance from ISPR.

Retired Military Officers, if invited in talk shows for discussion other than security matters should be titled as “Analyst” only. However, procedure for clearance may be processed with ISPR as Defense Analyst.

Strict compliance is desired by all the news and currents affairs TV channel licenses, these issues with approval of the competent authority.

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