Power supply in the city remains normal amidst gusty winds and dust storm – K-Electric

Karachi, April 15, 2019: Power supply in the city remained at routine levels despite gusting winds and a severe dust storm, which hit the metropolis, on Monday.

However, despite the intensity of the storm, K-Electric’s rapid response teams maintained strict vigilance as the city experienced strong winds along with light rain in various areas on Sunday night and early hours of Monday morning. The overall power infrastructure remained intact during the inclement weather. 

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As per a K-Electric spokesperson, “During the windstorm, a few localized faults emerged in some parts of Malir, Korangi, Shah Faisal, a few blocks in Gulistan-e-Johar and Gulshan-e- Iqbal, which were swiftly attended and rectified by KE teams. Power supply to strategic installations including key hospitals, KWSB’s water pumping stations, and the airport remained uninterrupted during this period.

Obstructions to electricity infrastructure caused by trees uprooted by strong winds were also removed by on-ground teams. We urge the public to stay away from broken wires, refrain from taking shelter under transformers or standing near electricity poles during rainy and windy weather to avoid accidents.”

The power utility also maintains close coordination with the National Disaster Management Authority, the Pakistan Meteorological Department and the city administration to extend effective support. KE also urges the public to avoid using illegal means (kundas) to abstract power.

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