Rapid Industrialization is only way forward: Ismail Suttar

Karachi, October 23, 2021: Chairman Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan (SMAP), president EFP, Ismail Suttar, has said that Pakistan has no other option as an engine of growth but for sustainable growth in the economy. It is necessary to enable rapid growth of industries on a war footing which can be in the interest of sustainable development and the economic interests of the people.

He said this while addressing the third meeting of the executive committee of the Salt Manufacturers Association held at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. After the meeting, the president of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mian Nauman Kabir hosted lunch for the Executive Committee of the SMAP and taking advantage of the presence of Ismail Suttar, discussed with him various issues being faced by the industries in Punjab.

Member Board of Directors of EFP and in-charge of Lahore Division Malik Tahir Javed, Javed Bhatti, Riaz, Qasim Paracha, Ahmed Sadiq Tawab, Ishtiaq, Zohaib Akhtar were present in the meeting. Waqas Razzaq, Mohammad Aslam, Jawad Sherwani, Shah Shams, and other members also attended.

In the meeting, it was also discussed that Pakistan has tremendous growth opportunities in the conversation of Minerals to chemicals as this type of process industry is almost absent in our economy and on the other hand, the Chemicals Industry is a Trillion Dollar Industry globally. There are many manufacturing companies based in Lahore and discussed matters of mutual interest for the Salt industries in particular other than discussing various opportunities in Lahore for the value-added industry.

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Chairman SMAP, EFP president, Ismail Suttar, informed that rapid development of industries is the only way to put the country on the path of economic and industrial development. “Pakistan has no other option as an engine of growth but to go for Rapid Industrialization on War footing for a solid growth in the economy which can be sustainable and in the economic interest of the masses”, he said Suttar further added that Pakistan should take the advantage of the availability of the 92 minerals most of which are capable of getting converted into multiple chemical products most of which are imported into Pakistan and yet to be produced. It was also informed that the Salt Manufacturers Association has taken up the challenge of developing the processes of converting these minerals into Value-Added Chemicals and soon Insha’Allah Pakistan will see a lot of local manufacturing happening in this sector through the research wing of SMAP.

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