SAI condemns repeated cancellation of Project Steering Committee Meeting, demands CM to take notice

Karachi, November 21, 2022: Riaz Uddin, President SITE association of industry (SAI), and Chief Coordinator Saleem Parekh, have in a press statement, condemned repeated postponement of the 3rd meeting of the Project Steering Committee of the Combined Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) in industrial zones and 65-MGD water supply. The said meeting has been postponed for the 5th time on 21/11/2022.

“The importance of both the projects cannot be ignored. CETP is not only critical for export-compliance but also for environment friendliness. Similarly, the water supply is the lifeline of the water starved industries in Karachi” said the President SITE.

Saleem Parekh, Chief Coordinator SITE Association stated that the Project Steering Committee has been formed by the Government of Sindh to review progress of Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan (S-III), establishment of CETP in industrial zones and 65-MGD additional water supply projects. The land for the CETP is already available and work can be started immediately however the same is being delayed by Sindh Govt., indefinitely.

SITE Association has already written a letter to the Chairman of Planning & Development Board stating that “the projects to be finalised in this meeting for eventual implementation are of supreme importance for the entire city of Karachi.

However, it has now been 3 years since the holding of the last (2nd) meeting on 8th October 2019. Such callous and non-serious attitude shows a lack of willingness on the part of the Planning Dept. to work for the betterment of the city.” “Due to the inordinate delay, the project cost is increasing every year, ultimately putting extra financial burden on the government kitty” said the President Riaz Uddin.

SITE Leaders have demanded the Chief Minister Sindh to take immediate notice of the matter and order early execution of both the projects which are critical for exports as also for the lifeline of industry in general.

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