Salt Manufacturers urges Govt not to levy taxes on Iodized salt

Karachi, January 03, 2022: Ismail Suttar, Chairman Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan (SMAP) urges the government of Pakistan not to levy taxes on Iodized salt as the Covid-19 pandemic has already hit the salt export market badly due to rising freight costs and supply chain disruptions.

In a statement, Ismail Suttar said “If the Government withdraws the exemption from Iodized salt, then it will create a huge impact on the cost of living of a common man as salt is the most essential ingredient in every single food item that a human consumes”.

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SMAP Chairman further said that Salt is not only an essential food ingredient but has numerous health benefits, especially the Iodized salt which creates hormones to regulate heart rate and blood pressure as well as burns extra fat deposits leading to heart diseases.

“Previous governments have always promoted the use of Iodine in salt keeping in view the health of our children who are already suffering from stunted growth and obesity”, he said, adding that this ruthless decision to impose sales tax on such an essential item is beyond understanding and it only shows that the government seems to have no clue of its actions and is ready to meet the revenue targets even if it must compromise the common man’s health.

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