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Sind govt allocates Rs 55mn to prepare Geological & Hydrogeological Database management system of coal fields

Karachi, July 29, 2022: The government of Sindh has allocated Rs 55 million for the preparation of Geological and Hydrogeological Database management system of coal fields of Sindh while Rs 22 million have been allocated for Pre-Investment Study from Coal to Gas, Coal to Liquid and Urea.

The biggest hurdle in the establishment of new Power Plants with generating capacity of 1590 MW in Thar block 2 was to provide consistent quality water to the power plants.

To address this problem, the government has launched the biggest water supply project under the Public-Private Partnership model.

The Project was awarded to Enertech Water Pvt Ltd. The construction activities on the site have been inaugurated in June and the project is expected to be completed in 12 months.

Besides, a poly trade training institute is also to be established at Lakhra Coal Field to provide skilled workers for the mining trade.

It is to be noted that the government is providing key infrastructure which is a necessary prerequisite to conducting mining and power generation activities.

Major achievements in FY 2021-22

Implemented Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF)/Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for the affectees of Thar Coalfield Blocks

Water studies conducted for facilitation of Coalfield Blocks including Thar Water Master Plan

Successfully constructed 50 Cusecs drainage and waste water and effluent channel from mining area Thar coalfield unit No. 2. This was a very important scheme in terms of mining as all the mine water / underground saline water from Block-II is required to be disposed of.

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