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Sindh govt establishes first medical city

Karachi, June 17, 2022: The government of Sindh has declared the Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jillani Institute as the First Medical City of Sindh, which will consist of a cluster of hospitals of multiple specialties along with allied state-of-the-art health facilities.

It will also have an education center catering to all needs of the modern-day health and medicine treatment and education. A university board has been constituted under the Chair of Chief Secretary Sindh to finalize the modalities.

Currently, Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jillani Institute of Medical Sciences, situated in Gambat, a small town in Sindh, is delivering world-class health services with top-of-the-line doctors and surgeons and high-quality equipment.

It is the only public sector hospital where several high-tech surgeries are being done free of cost. So far, 608 Liver Transplants, 135 Kidney transplants, 565 open heart surgeries, 104 Cochlear Implants, 30 Bone Marrow Transplants have been done free of cost.

In the budget 2022-23, the government of Sindh is providing Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jillani Institute of Medical Sciences Gambat a grant of Rs. 6 billion with an increase of 50% in the next financial year.

Also, one-time grant amounting to Rs. 2.139 billion will also be given to Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jillani Institute of Medical Sciences, Gambat, for Procurement of Linear Accelerator with integrated High-Field MRI for treatment of Cancer patients.

One such linear accelerator has already been provided to Dow University of Health Sciences.

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