Sindh Police has advertised 12-scale post of computer operator vacancies

Karachi, April 29, 2019: Sindh Police IG office till Police Station computer operator work is done by BCS, DIT and graduate/Masters in the computer as well as 5 scale police constables.

In the Musharaf era, Hundreds of soldiers were selected on merit and working in the office as a computer operator from 15 to 16 years.

Since they have a great experience, they should be adjusted to computer operators in 12 scales vacancy. It is unfair with them to recruit new soldiers as 12 scale post. Also, when the new officers will be recruited the old experienced computer operator officers will be hand over rifles and sent on outdoor duty because 12 scale operators will come in the category of technical staff, they will be exceptional from the outdoor work.

Those officers, executive staff, constable and head constable who are currently working in Sindh Police as a computer operator should speak up and should try to adjust themselves to the post of the new computer operators in 12 scales post.

Advertisement Of Vacancies in Sindh Police

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