Some harsh realities and bitter truth about politics of Pakistan

Pakistan Army is one of the most United, Organized, Theoretical, Powerful, and Disciplined Political Party of Pakistan. This party has a vision and they direct Pakistan on that vision for the past 70 years. This party doesn’t care about pity things like wheat price, sugar price, Petrol price, eggs price, etc, but they are clear-headed on the Economic Policy of Pakistan on which they have their interests and direction which is also portrayed as Pakistan’s main interest and direction.

This party has dominated 3 big areas in which economic policy comes first, from 1947 till today (excluding some 1970 timeframe) Pakistan’s economic policy is the same as advised by the west.

All the policies which have been made in Pakistan (Except for a brief period in 1970) are exactly the same as advised by the Economist of IMF or west.

Foreign policy is the second big area, Establishment always wants Pakistan to be aligned with the USA and the West, throughout the cold war Pakistan was aligned with the USA (again except for some brief period in 1970 it seems like Pakistan is going to make a non-aligned Foreign Policy) other than that Pakistan foreign policy is always aligned with the USA.

The third big area is the internal matters of the Army, Pakistan Army doesn’t tolerate any interference by any civilian whether its President of Pakistan or Prime Minister of Pakistan, or any other civilian institutes, Internal matters such as promotions, corruptions charges, or transfers, although they present approvals for the PM to approve promotions and transfers the reality is they already decided what they want to do and what not and President, PM, or Parliament have to rubber-stamp the decision.

In these three key areas, the army is clear about what they are doing and also, they think their decision is best for the interest of Pakistan.

The army always wants politicians to be in a certain framework, the different issue in Pakistan like inflation, unemployment, and lack of development actually all stems from this framework, no elected government can change this economic policy. If we talk about Imran Khan as he said their govt won’t go to IMF and will never follow IMF economic policy but in the end, they have to follow the advised IMF policy.

Pakistan’s Foreign policy throughout History remains the same, which is anti-Indian and pro-western foreign policy.

Internal issues are NO GO AREA for any civilian government, whether it Benazir Bhutto Govt or Nawaz Sharif Govt, whenever they tried to get involved in the internal issues of army and bring up their Pro party people/officer on certain position for the benefit of their govt/party, the army gave very strong reaction on this and out of nowhere their govt collapses.

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