SITE demands to defer income tax notices for 6 months

Karachi, September 08, 2020: Suleman Chawla, President of SITE Association of Industry, has expressed grave concerns over sending of Income Tax notices to industries by the FBR and has requested FBR Chief Muhammad Javed Ghani to defer these notices for at least six months in the wake of current economic situation of the country so that industries could continue production activities unabated.

In a statement, Chawla said that industries are already striving hard for survival after facing the disastrous time of the corona pandemic for many months. As the corona intensity has lowered, they have hardly managed to keep the wheels of industry moving. In such a situation, issuance of Income Tax notices to industries will simply add to their difficulties. As such, the FBR should take business-friendly measures and help the industry in restoration of production activities.

“What should we do? Run industries or prepare data and reply to income tax notices? questioned the SITE President. Suleman Chawla has reiterated that the government should take business-friendly measures and instead of putting industries in further trouble, should take steps to promote industrialization and put the country back on track of economic development.

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