Textile exports earn $12.315bln in 11 months

Islamabad, June 26, 2019: The textile exports from the country during July-May (2018-19) were recorded at $12315.315 million compared to the exports of $12326.913 million of the same period of last year, showing nominal decrease of 0.09 percent, according to the latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The textile commodities that contributed in positively in external trade included knitwear, exports of which grew from $2453.576 million last year to $2670.581 million during the current fiscal year, showing growth of 8.84 percent.

The exports of bedwear also increased by 1.6 percent, from $2055.568 million to $2088.550 million whereas the exports of readymade garments increased by 4.16 percent, from $2342.714 million to $2440.138 million.

The exports of madeup articles (excluding towels) also grew by 0.55 percent, from $631.056 million to $634.507 million while the exports of cotton carded or combed also increased during the period under review.

Meanwhile, the textile commodities that witnessed negative growth in external trade included raw cotton, exports of which shrunk by 67.19 percent, from $57.534 million last year to $18.876 million.

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