Training institute for Sindh’s prison staff established

Karachi, July 23, 2022: The Government of Sindh has established “Sindh Prison staff Training” Institute in Hyderabad for training and capacity building of Sindh’s Prison staff.

In the current financial year, the government has provided funds amounting to Rs. 57.578 million as Grant-in-Aid on account of Committee for the Welfare of Prisoners for provision of Legal Aid Services to Prisoners, Educational Services to Women

Prisoners/Juvenile Prisoners, and fine (in cash) to those prisoners who are unable to pay-off.

Besides, Construction of 10 Additional Barracks (each for 100 prisoners) at District Prison Malir, Karachi is underway.

Other important initiatives of the department include:

  • Construction of Hospital Block at District Prison Sanghar
  • Construction of Psychiatric Ward at District Prison Malir, Karachi
  • Construction of Anti-Terrorism Courts (20 No.) in the premises of Central Prison Karachi
  • Establishment of oversight committees in every district that will visit and report to IG Office

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