Cellular services

Cellular services partially restored: Interior Ministry

Islamabad, February 08, 2024 : On Thursday, the Interior Ministry revealed that mobile phone services have been partially reinstated in certain regions of the country while the nation eagerly anticipates the outcome of the crucial 2024 elections. The ministry, communicating via X (formerly Twitter), announced the reinstatement of cellular services in Bhakkar, Sargodha, Taxila, Gujar…

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Pakistan general election

TikTok shares measures to combat is information ahead of Pakistan general election

Karachi, February 05, 2024 : As the Pakistan parliamentary election approaches in February 2024, TikTok has shared its efforts to combat misinformation and uphold election integrity on its platform. The platform’s latest initiatives demonstrate its unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe, authentic, and reliable information environment during this important period. Building on its robust global framework…

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Elevate Core Capabilities Strive for Excellence

Zong 4G holds Annual business conference to set strategic roadmap for 2024

Islamabad, 06 January 2024: Zong 4G, held its Annual Business Conference 2024 at its Headquarters in Islamabad. The conference, themed “Elevate Core Capabilities, Strive for Excellence”, celebrated Zong 4G’s remarkable achievements in 2023 and presented its strategic direction for the year 2024. The Chairman & CEO, Mr. Huo Junli praised the employees for their exceptional…

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Hafiz Naeem

Hafiz Naeem inaugurates Alkhidmat’s new skill development center in Kasba colony

Karachi, February 06, 2024 : Alkhidmat Karachi has started a new Skill Development Center in Kasba Colony to impart vocational and technical skills to jobless youth. The center was inaugurated by Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hafiz Naeemur Rehman. Director Mawakhat Program Yusuf Muhyiuddeen, Manager Mawakhat Program Muhammad Tariq, Ishaq Khan, Abdul Hannan and other senior officials were…

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