Muhammad Aurangzeb elected Chairman PBA

Karachi, Jan. 15, 2019: On completion of the term of Aftab Manzoor, as Chairman, Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA), Muhammad Aurangzeb, President  & CEO, Habib Bank Limited, has been unanimously elected as Chairman PBA.

The PBA elections were held in Karachi on January 14, 2019.

Muhammad Aurangzeb joined HBL on April 30, 2018 as the President & CEO. He has an overall international banking experience of over 30 years, working at senior management positions with leading global banks

The Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA) represents the Financial Institutions regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan and its main objective is to coordinate the efforts of the banking industry and to share a common vision of progress and development with its members.


Govt. announces 10-day compulsory leaves for male workers on birth of baby

Karachi, January 15, 2019: The federal government has implemented new law for 10-day compulsory leaves for male workers on birth of baby.

According to Shiren Mazari federal minister for human rights has confirmed the report and said that for the first time this act has been approved and accordingly implemented to facilitate fathers.

As per law all government and private institutions will give 10 days leave to fathers on birth of a child.

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PDF predicts another postponement before LG polls

At last, the local Government Elections-Karachi are expected to be held after one and again postponements.

Team PDF compiled the 25-Town Municipal Committees-(TMCs) and 246-Union Councils-(UCs) level demographical data along with Maps to a educate the Public and other Stakeholders. Public participation at grass root levels in electoral process is the key.

PDF’s recent Poll predicted lower turnout for LC Elections although the public seems a bit inclined towards PTI and JI. Despite being witnessed for Polls and surveys, PPP, the ruling party on the Day of election would give surprises. Meanwhile, reunion of MQM-P cannot be undervalued. The real challenge for the parties is to persuade their voter to get out for the ballot on polling day, said Dr.Umair Ansari, Co-Founder, The The Pakistan Development Forum – PDF.

The experts are of the view that after the 18th Amendment in the 1973 Constitution, the powers were transferred from the Federal to Provincial levels but the legislators fail to shift powers from the Provincial to Local Govt. level. As per Article 140A, “Each province shall, by law, establish a local government system and devolve political, administrative and financial responsibility and authority to the elected representatives of the local governments.”

The situation of the city by municipal deliverance is worse for years. The unavailability of drinking water through pipes, the worst sewerage systems, damaged roads, health and sanitation, Pollution, and dumps of garbage now become the Trademark of the city. Hence the local citizens are too frustrated and blamed political forces for the city’s current conditions. As a reaction, a large number of citizens of Karachi become irrelevant to the democratic process (Poll- The PDF).

It’s quite noticeable that during military rule the Local Govt. system not only runs smoothly but administrative and financial powers are also delegated to them. But unfortunately during the democratic era, the system runs without elected representatives most of the time. Elections are delayed as much as possible. Further, the powers reduce by imposing new LG Acts. As Karachi is an economic hub, there is a rapid increase in population as well as built-up areas. Hence the limits of KMC also extended from time to time.

Let’s see the Local Govt. setup in Karachi as a whole.

Administratively it is a Divisional Headquarter comprising 7 administrative Districts. There are six Cantonment Boards in Karachi i.e. Clifton Cantonment Board, Karachi Cantonment Board, Faisal Cantonment Board, Malir Cantonment Board, Korangi Creek Cantonment Board, and Manora Cantonment Board.

Surprisingly the LG Elections for a tenure of four years were held regularly without interruption. The remaining Urban areas form the limits of KMC. The rural portion is part of the District Council. This was the LG set up from 1979 to 2000.

Then comes the LG Act 2000 in which all the administrative Districts were abolished to form the City District Government Karachi which comprises 18 Towns. District Council was no more and all rural areas also become part of Towns. The systems end with the imposition of the 2013 LG Act. The Districts and District Municipal Corporations were restored, Mr Salah Uddin Ghazi Research Associate, (The PDF) briefed.

The election was held in 2015 instead of 2013 as per orders of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Throughout his tenure, The Mayor claimed that no proper powers are given to him so he was unable to deliver the municipal facilities.

The PDF surveyed where significant number of people responded that they do not firmly believe that the system could much better for them. The fewer voters who turn out in by-elections is a common factor. But lowest turnout up to 10% seems to be alarming.

Before the LG elections 2020-21 the Sindh Government grab the Health and Education powers of KMC. A huge cry was raised from opposition parties, especially by Muttahida Qoumi Movement Pakistan MQM-P and Jamat e Islami-JI.

The JI gives a sitting protest in front of the assembly building and MQM-P also demonstrates a procession that soon becomes violent. After having a dialogue both departments’ powers were given back to KMC. The postponement of election time and again results in uncertainty about holding elections.

MQM-P criticizes the delimitation of electoral areas and files petitions in the courts. The JI also has reservations about delimitation but is not ready to boycott elections on this issue. But MQM-P insists on a revised delimitation. However, the Court rejected MQM-P’s applications. The election campaign has not yet started in its full swing. This time once again the municipal limits of KMC extended up to all rural areas comprising 25 Town Municipal Corporations and 246 Union Committees.

Each UC is divided into four wards. The experts are of the view that the issues of urban and rural areas are of different types. So the District Council for rural areas should remain intact. No matter the built-up areas like Ibrahim Hyderi, Manghopir, Shah Latif Town, and Surjani adjacent to city limits may include in KMC.

A few sections people object that the sitting government likes to increase its representation by including these rural areas in KMC to ensure their Mayor’s ship. At present PPPP is the only political party that is contesting from all 246 electoral constituencies. The merging of various MQM groups (Bahadurabad, PSP, Dr Farooq Sattar’s Bahali Tehreek ) into one is also seen in this scenario.

Maybe MQM-P decides to boycott these elections. In this situation, the big fight will be among PPP, JI, and PTI but PML-N, MQM-A, and TLP have their solid mandate in pockets.

Experts are also asked that in a poorly empowered position if a Mayor from the opposition party elects; how can he deliver? The example of Waseem Akhtar is there but on the other hand the sustainable continuation of the democratic process is the only solution even at minimum levels.

About the local body elections Karachi which is going to be held on 15th January 2023, the poll results have highlighted that 11.7% said that they’ll vote for MQM-P, 36.4% voted PTI,23.4% for JI, 20 % for PPP, 5.8% voted for PML-N, 3.5% for MQM-A, 1% for TLP, 1% for PSP, 1% for independent candidates 3.5% showed up for JUI. More than 10.5% are those who said that they will boycott LG elections.

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Partnership on Supporting Childhood Growth Through Good Nutrition Takes Flight

Karachi, January 10, 2023: Abbott and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) teamed up to educate on how good nutrition can support childhood growth and bring awareness to the issues of malnutrition and stunting. Passengers on PIA domestic flights will receive materials on how to recognize and address picky eating behavior and ideas to engage kids in the kitchen, In addition, board games, coloring books and puzzles will be provided to keep children entertained on board.

Kids need nutritious foods for healthy growth and development, especially during early, formative years of their lives. When kids are picky eaters for long periods of time, they may not be able to get complete and balanced nutrition through regular diet, and this can lead to serious health issues like malnutrition, immune deficiencies, diminished bone health, stunting and decreased muscle mass, which can have lifelong consequences from poor health outcomes.

Growth issues in the first five years may challenge a child’s development and limit future potential, as approximately 60% of adult height is achieved by the age of five.  Making sure children get the right nutrition for proper growth and development should be a high priority for parents and caregivers so that all children can grow and live to their fullest potential.

”We are very happy to partner with our national carrier, PIA, on this initiative and bring awareness to the importance of proper nutrition for childhood growth,” said Asim Shafiq, general manager of Abbott’s nutrition business in Pakistan and Iraq. ”Through PediaSure, Abbott has been playing a pivotal role in providing children in Pakistan with a science-based milk supplement that will help address nutrition gaps and foster healthy growth.” ”Being the national air carrier, PIA believes it has an important role to play in protecting and nurturing the future of our country,” said Vice-Marshall Amir Hayat, Chief Executive Officer of PIA. ”We have therefore decided to partner with global healthcare leader Abbott.”


National Foods gets Biggest Attraction at Karachi Eat Festival

Karachi, January 10, 2023: Present at the Karachi Eat festival with aroma of mouth-watering food, the gigantic stall of National Foods was a showstopper. The food giant went guns blazing with something for everyone, offering Bombay Biryani Karachi Khaas’ made especially for the palate of Karachiites.

Accentuating the taste buds further with the Condiments variety, the people enjoyed custard filled puffs, corn dogs and spiral fries with ketchups and mayonnaise. Being the leading food manufacturer of Pakistan, National Foods always brings innovation and fusion food to give a global taste. Prepared with National Foods products, the recipe for each product was available at the stall at the touch of a QR Code.

National Foods was out there to ensure that the audience had a good time. This was supported by the presence of celebrities and singers including Ayesha Omar, Junaid Akram, Aimen Muneeb and Kaifi Khalil’s presence at their stall.

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Careem shares top trends for 2022: Longest ride (900 km from Lahore to Abbotobad) in Pakistan

Careem shares top trends for 2022: Longest ride in Pakistan

Karachi, January 10, 2022: Careem, the region’s leading multi-service platform, shares the most interesting trends and insights from across the multi-service platform over 2022.

Mudassir Sheikha, CEO and co-founder of Careem, said: “2022 was an exciting year for Careem as we celebrated our 10th birthday, hit the monumental milestone of 1 billion rides, and supported the success of Expo 2022 Dubai and the FIFA World Cup Qatar. The Super App continued to deliver extraordinary value for customers as Careem Plus grew in popularity and we introduced a range of innovative new ride-hailing, delivery, fintech, and partner services, while expanding Careem BIKE in the UAE and into KSA.”

“We feel blessed to have raised $778,162 for humanitarian, education and economic empowerment initiatives throughout the year. The opportunity to support our communities and unleash even more potential in the region through technology is enormous and we can’t wait to deliver further on our purpose in 2023.”


Throughout 2022 Careem Captains completed 97 million rides and covered 1.2 billion km, with the most rides recorded in Saudi Arabia (26.8 million). The longest Careem ride in 2022 was 900 km from Lahore to Abbotobad in Pakistan, and the most active customer took 2,480 rides throughout the year in Qatar, including 17 trips in one day! The airports with the most Careem rides were Riyadh Airport, Dubai International Airport, and Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore. City-to-city rides grew by 51% percent from 2021, and Sharjah to Dubai was the most popular city-to-city route for customers.

Over 24,000 trips were made to FIFA World Cup Qatar stadiums and 55,000 trips were made to and from Expo 2022 Dubai. Careem introduced intercountry rides in 2022 to enable fans to travel from Saudi Arabia to Doha for the FIFA World Cup Qatar, and the longest trip in Qatar during the tournament was 313 kilometers, with plenty of stops, sightseeing moments, and of course – football matches!

The most frequently forgotten items in Careem cars were cell phones, laptops, AirPods and wallets, and the most unique lost and recovered item was a bridal dress in Pakistan.

Doing Good

Careem customers, Captains, partners and colleagues donated a total of $778,162 in 2022 for regional causes. Donation tiles were launched on the Super App in Dubai and Pakistan to enable customers to channel funds for humanitarian, education and economic empowerment initiatives. $205,000 was raised for the Shahid Afridi Foundation in Pakistan which went to shelters, food and essential items for flood victims, including $68,000 donated by Careem colleagues.

Careem reintroduced charity car types in the UAE, Qatar, Pakistan and Jordan so that customers could donate up to AED 5 per ride. A total of $12,000 was contributed by customers through their rides. During Ramadan Careem and Hala matched all tips to raise a total of $352,000 for Captains in the UAE, Pakistan, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Careem Pay

Careem Pay completed 1,127,006 transactions in 2022, with 286,000 people using the simple and reliable Careem Pay fintech services that were launched throughout the year. Bill payments grew 4x in the UAE, as customers used Careem Pay to quickly and easily pay bills, from phone, TV and internet, to electricity, water and gas, to Salik and Nol. Across all markets, customers topped up $50 million into their Careem Pay wallets and paid $12 million in bill payments and mobile recharge. Careem Pay processed $520 million worth of card payments across all Careem and Super App tenant services.

Careem Pay’s domestic peer-to-peer money transfer service continued to rise in popularity with customers using it to split social expenses, pay service providers, or share sports games or lessons, from padel and swimming to football and basketball. Careem Pay’s international remittance service between the UAE and Pakistan enabled customers to seamlessly transfer money in minutes at competitive rates through the Careem app. And Careem Pay’s One-Click-Checkout product, now available on 1,500 online merchants, made shopping easier than ever for customers by allowing them to use their pre-saved payment, contact, and location details to shop online outside the Careem app.

Careem Plus

Careem Plus subscribers grew 10x since it was launched, with total savings of AED 50.2 million. The average saving per customer was AED 105 per month (over 5x the monthly membership of AED 19), and some of the most heavily engaged customers saved more than AED 1,000 each month.


Food orders in the UAE, KSA, and Jordan grew by 21% in 2022 to reach 11.4 million meals, and Careem onboarded over 8,700 new restaurants onto the app. The most popular restaurants ordered through Careem in 2022 were Al Baik (KSA) and McDonalds (UAE and Jordan). The most ordered food item was Chicken McNuggets, however Careem recorded a 47% increase in healthy food orders in 2022 compared to 2021.

Over 16,000 orders were made through Careem’s Group Ordering feature over 2022, saving $82,544 in delivery fees. The largest order group was made by 13 customers in Amman, for a basket worth $130 (92.30 JOD) from Yellow Broasted.


Careem launched its 9th Quik dark store in Dubai, expanding the network to cover 90% of the city.  Monthly grocery orders through Careem Quik grew 26x in 2022, and the number of grocery items available in each Quik dark store doubled, with new categories like fresh meat and seafood on offer to customers.

Male customers ordered lots of Coca Cola and very few vegetables through Careem Quik, while female customers ordered more fruits, vegetables and herbs. Overall the most popular orders made through Quik were Vimto, Al Ain water, and Chiquita bananas. One customer ordered 216 bottles of Vimto for 2,100 dirhams which were delivered by 18 Captains. The fastest delivery recorded was 2 minutes and 5 seconds.


Orders made through Careem’s B2B delivery business, Careem Express, grew 2.3x in 2022, with more than 10 million items delivered for businesses across the region. 505,856 burgers were delivered for Careem clients including McDonalds, Burger King, Hardees and Kitopi. The peak time for Express orders was Black Friday on 25 November when 45,000 items were delivered in a single day across UAE, KSA and Qatar. In one case, 50 furniture items were transported in a single delivery to furnish a bedroom in Jumeirah in Dubai. The Careem app now offers over a dozen services including ride-hailing, food and grocery delivery, micro-mobility, payments, and partner services including car rental, home cleaning, laundry services and ticket purchasing. Customers can open or download Careem from the App Store, Google Play, or via direct Android download.

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OPPO Shows the Cutting Edge Technologies of Tomorrow to Lead the Innovative Future

Karachi, January 09, 2023: OPPO leads the road to future by showcasing the technology of tomorrow, its high-end flagship products and record-breaking smart technologies at Expo Center to set the trend for upcoming technology. The event sees the introduction of several new cutting-edge technologies developed under OPPO’s Future Vision of safest and fastest charging technology, smart connectivity and an integrated ecosystem. Members of the public are invited to join the event, to discover more about how OPPO is empowering a better future where everyone can live their best lives.

OPPO continues to grow steadily on the global market that brings it on par with its theme of “Open for More” in coming times. OPPO is showcasing its 240W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge Technology, OPPO Pad, OPPO Watch 3 Pro, OPPO TV R1 65, OPPO Find X5 Pro and OPPO Find N2 on its booth at Future Fest that provides the visitors with a chance to take a glimpse into the future.

OPPO has previously registered its commitment to the empowerment of a better future through INNO day smart initiatives. The event showcased OPPO’s determination to enrich its four Smart Initiatives in smart entertainment, smart productivity, smart health, and smart learning to deliver more innovation for good and build an inclusive and more positive future for all.

A number of government officials and tech experts are expected to mark their presence at OPPO booth that will add to learning experience for the visitors. This initiative will provide a potential chance for youth to re-imagine a progressive tech future along with OPPO as the emerging home to future technology.

Talking about this partnership, OPPO representative said, “OPPO’s ulterior motive to take a glimpse into future along with the visitors is to shape the future in accordance with the needs and expectations of its users. This event is also an initiative to take our brand proposition ’Inspiration Ahead’ to the next level by showcasing our flagship and premium quality products. This partnership also brings a chance for youth to connect and develop with brand to reimagine the best possible future of leading technology”.

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Ufone 4G’s ‘Regional Play’ brings exclusive Voice and Data offers for 48 districts in Pakistan

Islamabad, January 10, 2023: Pakistani telecom operator, Ufone 4G has introduced extremely aggressive Packages to bring exclusive Voice and Data bundles in 48 districts across all four provinces.

The offer has been designed to provide equitable access to contemporary and leading-edge voice and data services in affordable prices, so that customers across the country can enjoy enhanced utility and improved user experience over Ufone 4G’s high-speed network.

The exclusive offer is available to customers who are active from last 90 days or have recently joined Ufone network. Customers can avail of the offers by simply dialing *4466# from their handsets to enjoy video calling, gaming, browsing, socializing, educational and professional pursuits and much more on Ufone’s blazing fast 4G network or can visit the retailer to avail the amazing offering. Here is the list of districts and the corresponding offers under Ufone 4G’s Regional Play:

Ufone 4G is committed to delivering high-quality and reliable voice and data services across the country to foster the digital inclusion of all regardless of their socioeconomic or geographical standing. The recent offer addresses the issue of affordability which is evidently one of the most potent hindrances in access to the internet and digital inclusion of the low-income segments of society. Through the Regional Play, Ufone 4G devolves its digital inclusion agenda to the ground level to enhance its impact, so that more and more people are able to access uninterrupted and high-speed connectivity to unlock their potential for socio-economic progress and development.

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TECNO Acknowledged as Global Top Brand by CES 2022-2023

With its accomplishments in technology innovations and globalization, TECNO was honored as “2022-2023 GLOBAL SMART PHONE BRANDS TOP 10”

As highly expected at the annual Consumer Electronic Show 2023: CES 2023, the 2022-2023 Global Top Brands were revealed, honoring TECNO as “2022-2023 GLOBAL SMART PHONE BRANDS TOP 10”. With its consistently accelerating strategy in technology innovation and design excellence to build a modern stylish brand since 2013, TECNO has built itself as an innovative global brand with operations in over 70 markets, while this award serves as another firm proof of its competitive power against global giants.

The annual Global Top Brands Award, hosted by Asia Digital Group, and European Digital Group, and supported by TWICE and International Data Corporation (IDC), is aimed to honor global consumer electronic brands at frontier innovations for global consumers and promote the entire industry’s development.

“We are impressed with the accomplishments TECNO has reached this year,” said Dongfang Zhu, President of Asia Digital Group. “TECNO has built a long-term reputation across global markets and dedicated to technology innovations for frontier markets globally. Remarkably TECNO keeps innovating at the forefront and truly embodies the spirit we are looking for in a top consumer electronic brand.”

Certificate & Trophy of “2022-2023 GLOBAL SMART PHONE BRANDS TOP 10”

Technology Innovation is the Hardcore in Global Top Brands Ranking

 As CES is the ground to technologies and global innovators, the Global Top Brands Award this year also carried the theme of CES 2023: how technology is addressing the world’s biggest challenges, and focused on recognizing inspiring innovations and effective global strategy of brands to encourage them to upgrade technological innovations and create newer and better products. In the fast-moving digital age, brands can only embrace global challenges by keeping innovating constantly and unlocking more and more unknown areas. Hence, innovation capabilities as well as brand services from a global perspective are considered as the hardcore in Global Top Brands Award selection criteria.

The candidate brands were also evaluated from multiple perspectives including the candidates’ internationalization, overseas competitiveness, consumer experience, technological innovation and patents, overseas brand awareness, and brand management in internationalization to assess the overall technology innovation capabilities as well as the brand globalization achievements.

Adhering to the principles of authority, science, professionalism, objectivity and impartiality, the Global Top Brands has been one of the most authoritative, professional, and credible selection events in the global consumer electronics industry and has released the most influential list to the world since 2006.

Honoring TECNO’s Massive Progression Towards Premium Technology Brand

This year’s selection evaluates the participating brands from four dimensions, industry popularity, global strategic layout, influence on international market, and product innovation. Winning this prestigious global award and being listed as the TOP10 Global Smartphone Brands just precisely endorsed TECNO’s breakthroughs and strengths in those regards.

Embracing the latest trends in cutting-edge technology innovations and stylish modern design to craft the perfect products for a new generation of consumers, TECNO has been revolutionizing the digital experience in emerging global markets, relentlessly pushing for the perfect integration of contemporary, aesthetic design with the latest technologies. Thanks to its continuous innovation, TECNO won popularity among global young consumers who are aspiring to build a digitally connected life and realize better self.

“It is with great humility and excitement to receive this prestigious Global Top Brands Award at the CES 2023. It’s an amazing recognition for our continuous efforts in developing a distinguished brand and make TECNO a best choice among global consumers.” said Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO. “With this precious recognition and our consistent commitment to frontier markets and consumers, we will keep driving forward our innovation strategy, pushing new boundaries between technology and design, and enable our consumers to build a beautiful life that is digitally connected and forward-looking”.

2022 TECNO Award-winning Products

As an innovative technology brand, TECNO has set many new standards in technology innovation and stylish modern design to provide premium smart devices for forward-looking individuals in global markets. Especially in 2022, TECNO has made many leapfrogging breakthroughs in premium technology innovations, including PHANTOM X2 Pro as the world’s first smartphone to feature a retractable portrait lens comparable to a professional camera to create “studio-like” portrait photography, PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G as an Eco-Friendly Edition with a back cover made using recycled materials from ocean plastics, as well as TECNO CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian Edition as the world’s first smart device that uses “sunlight drawing” technology to allow the phone to change colors in sunlight, and to name a few.

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TECNO’s Camon 19 Pro proves itself as the best choice for Photographers

Karachi, January 04, 2023: TECNO Camon 19 Pro, offer quality that can rival the best DSLRs at a fraction of the price. This has made the Camon 19 Pro a favorite among photographers who want to pursue their passion without putting a strain on their bank accounts.

Camon 19 Pro offers a highly advanced camera unit, as it offers multiple sets of camera lenses for different shots. Not only this, but the 19 Pro also has intelligent AI tools and a potent processor, which helps the camera unit take perfect pictures.

The Camon 19 Pro is the first device in the market which offers RGBW (G+P) lens, which it developed with Samsung. This means the device can also show the deepest blacks and the lightest whites. Lowlight photography has also been greatly improved due to the improved lens. This can be seen in the Super Night mood as the phone plays with exposure to produce excellent results.

This device has a whole array of cameras, making it suitable for professional photographers and amateurs. There is a specialized 64 MP primary camera with a 0.8-micrometer pixel size! Moreover, a dedicated 50MP portrait lens, coupled with another 2MP Bokeh lens, produces dramatic portrait pictures with the right colors and depth.

If you are a fan of selfies, then do not worry; there is an advanced 32MP selfie camera in the Camon 19 Pro for vlogging and photography!

These features sound great on paper, but several local photographers, including Ilyaas Allaah Buksh, Ans Shah, and Omar Rehman, put the Camon 19 Pro to the test to see how it performed. Ilyaas Allaah Buksh is known to capture the raw essence of Balochistan – his home. He has been promoting the Balochi Culture for a long time through beautiful and impactful pictures. Ilyaas Allaah Buksh used the Camon 19 Pro and was astounded by the results produced by the camera unit. Safe to say, he was more than impressed with the Camon 19 Pro.

Ans Shah is another up-and-coming photographer known to tell stories using pictures. All of his pictures have unique and captivating stories behind them. The pictures are as beautiful as the stories. Ans Shah has also used the Camon 19 Pro and has spoken very highly of the device, just like Omar Rehman. Omar Rehman is another photographer known for his magic with the lens. These photographers were very impressed by the camera abilities of the Camon 19 Pro.

TECNO Pakistan CEO Kelvin Zeng spoke highly about the abilities of this device when he said, “The Camon 19 Pro is the perfect phone for photographer and videography as it provides cutting edge technology in its camera unit. This phone will help many photographers to continue their passion without spending large amounts of money on professional equipment.”

Thus, we can conclude that the TECNO Camon 19 Pro passed the tests posed by these professionals. You can get your hands on this device for PKR 49,999 in Pakistan’s offline and online markets!

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Martin Dow Group win 2 GDEIB Awards

Lahore, January 4, 2023: Martin Dow Group, a Leading Multinational Healthcare Group in Pakistan received Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Benchmark Awards 2023 in 2 categories.

The company received ‘Best Practice’ award in WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION, FLEXIBILITY, & BENEFITS for demonstrating exemplary global practices in DEI whereas the organizations is also recognized as PROGRESSIVE in the category of COMMUNITY, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS & PHILANTHROPY.

Shahrukh Masood, Group Director HR & Corporate Communications at Martin Dow while expressing elation on this recognition said ‘’ we are proud to be recognized by the global platform for our healthy work culture, CSR activities, and community engagement programs. These awards are in line with our values “We create opportunities for all our partners to flourish” and We are here to improve the quality of life for the communities we serve”.

He further said ‘’Martin Dow Group’s activities are aligned with the internal & external goals of GDEIB. We believe in healthy work culture in all our departments including flexing working hours, weekly work-from-home, health and fitness opportunities through gym and sports, opportunities for growth through capacity building programs, facilities for female employees such as Baby’s daycare, women leadership program, pay-con, health awareness sessions.’’

Martin Dow Group is constantly working on various philanthropic initiatives, helping differently abled citizens, improving socio-economic status, promoting mental wellness, promoting education, providing healthcare facilities, flood relief activities, supporting marginalized groups like deaf communities, and etc.

Global DEI Benchmarks Awards gives an opportunity to organizations to present their diversity, equity, and inclusion accomplishments with a focus on a social and economic impact on all stakeholders. Martin Dow Group will continue to further lead in its work practices and create opportunities for all our partners to flourish.


TikTok celebrates #YearOnTikTok with its first Creator Awards in Pakistan

Karachi, January 04, 2023: TikTok marked the end of the year with a celebration of community, creativity, and self-expression at its Year on TikTok 2022 event, which was an immersive spectacle held in Lahore. The event was an immersive real-life spectacle, where TikTok celebrated its Pakistani creator community, top videos and trends of the year with the end of year Creator Awards and exciting performances.

TikTok is a place where creators share their talents, creativity, and interests with their community and help create cultural movements and raise awareness around societal issues on the platform. TikTok celebrated some of the most inspiring creators with the TikTok Creator Awards, where winners were announced across 11 categories, including entertainment, lifestyle and sports, as well as the award for the Top Creator of the year. These creators were awarded for their ability to engage with their audiences and create cultural movements that started on TikTok before moving to the physical world, creating a real-world impact.

As the home for entertainment, guests at the #YearOnTikTok event were treated to performances by content creators Tahir Abbas, Hareem Rashid, and Daaniya Kanwal, who used the power of TikTok to make a name for themselves with their talent. The grand finale of the event was a magical performance by music hearthrob Abdul Hannan, whose songs have been some of the most popular tracks of the year on TikTok in Pakistan.

Tarek Abdalla Regional General Manager at TikTok Middle East, Türkiye, Africa, Pakistan and South Asia, said, “We are filled with pride as we celebrate our community who have been a driving force behind some of the exciting trends of 2022. From sharing innovative ideas to turning their passions into successful careers, the members of our community have shown incredible resilience and creativity.”

“It has been truly inspiring to witness how TikTok has enabled everyone to come together and experience joy, connection, and a sense of belonging. We are honored to have been a part of this journey and look forward to seeing what the future holds for our community,” he added.

Tune in to #ForYouParty and #YearOnTikTok on TikTok to witness first-hand what took place at the event, discover creators from across the region and see how TikTok celebrated a truly memorable year with the community.

The end-of-year celebrations continue on TikTok where users are invited to show what made 2022 a year that’s truly #ForYou by wrapping up their favorite moments using some of the trending sounds from #YearOnTikTok

The winners:

  • Top Technology Creator – Talha Malik (talha_reviews)
  • Top Health Creator – Danial Ahmed (danial.ahmed8)
  • Most Viewed Educational Video – Syed Aun (syedaun14)
  • Top Food Creator – Chef Rizwan Chaudhary (babafoodsrrc)
  • Top Beauty Creator – Humna Zahid (samosiiii)
  • Top Travel Creator – Skardu Valley (skarduvalley)
  • Top Gamer – Shehzada Shahab (drtabzzyt)
  • Top Sports Creator – Muneeb ur Raheem (s3baller)
  • Top Entertainer – Fiza Muneeb (Fizzamuneeb1)
  • People’s Choice Award – Zulqarnain Sikander (Zulqarnain)
  • Top Creator of 2022 – Zunaira Mahi (zunaira.mahi)