financial crimes

Technological solutions and customer awareness can reduce financial crimes

Technological solutions and customer awareness are two crucial aspects of combating the rising incidents of financial crimes across the country, said Federal Banking Ombudsman Sirajuddin Aziz. Speaking as a guest of honor at the conference” Financial Crimes in the Digital Age” organized by Eastnets and managed by Dellsons Associates recently, he said the banks should…

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man beaten to death

A man was fatally attacked with a cricket bat in Lahore

Lahore, November 26, 2023 : Unidentified individuals fatally beat a 45-year-old man with a cricket bat in Lahore following a dispute between children during a match. In Lahore’s Gujjar Pura neighborhood, a gruesome incident unfolded when a dispute among children during a cricket match escalated. According to the police, unidentified individuals mercilessly attacked 45-year-old Nasir…

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hotels sealed in Sialkot

Six hotels in Sialkot have been sealed for violating lockdown measures due to smog

Sialkot, November 26, 2023 : In Sialkot, Punjab, eight business centers, including six hotels, were sealed for non-compliance with the smart lockdown regulations imposed due to smog. The district administration has reported the arrest of 52 individuals for violating the lockdown, with fines totaling Rs508,000 imposed for the infractions. To address the escalating smog threat,…

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