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Govt. cuts petroleum prices up to Rs 30

Islamabad, April 30, 2020: The federal government on Thursday announced to cut the petroleum products prices up to Rs 30 per litre following the massive fall in the crud oil prices in the international market.

According to notification MS petrol price has been reduced by Rs 15 per litre. The new petrol price will be Rs 81.58 per litre with effect from May 1, 2020 down from Rs 96.58 per litre.

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The price of High Speed diesel was declined by 27.15 per litre from Rs 107.25 to Rs 80.10 per litre.

Kerosine and light diesel prices were reduced by Rs 30.01 and Rs 15 per litre respectively. New Kerosine prices will be Rs 47.44, while, light diesel oil price will be Rs 47.51 per litre for next month.

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According to Notification, the federal government is extending relief to the public. Relief package include economic stimulus package Ehsas Emergency Relief Program, incentive Package for SMEs and many other relief measures. The latest one the considerable decrease in the prices of various petroleum products ranging Rs 15 to Rs 30 to further facilitate the public.

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