NKATI demands to save Garment Industry from disaster

Karachi, September 11, 2020: Nasim Akhtar, President North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI), has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to reduce taxes & duties to save Pakistan’s garment industry from disaster. He demanded to impose a ban on baby baba garment’s import to protect local industry, so that millions of workers can be saved from unemployment on the occasion.

In a statement, Nasim Akhtar said that all over Pakistan, especially in Karachi, high quality children’s clothing is manufactured. But due to low duty on imported baba baby garments, the local garment industry is facing severe financial losses and has reached on the brink of collapse, raising fears of millions of workers losing their jobs.

“Local industries are being protected all over the world while Prime Minister Imran Khan had the same vision of minimizing dependence on imports and promoting production activities at the local level. Due to very low duty on import of baby baba garments, it has become very difficult for the local garment industry to survive in the price race as the taxes on local garments industry are double, which doubles the prices, and they cannot compete in the market with imported children’s clothing. Nasim Akhtar requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to ban the import of baby baba garments to save Pakistan’s garment industry from catastrophe, so that the local garment industry can be encouraged and the industries in the country can be further developed.

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