PSX gains points

PSX gains 170 points

Islamabad, December 14, 2023 : The trading day for Pakistani equities commenced with a downward trend, extending its decline to revisit the previous day’s lows at around 64,400. However, buyers stepped in and effectively maintained support at this level once again. The market index then traded within a specific range for the remainder of the…

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Offshore Drilling: A Bet on Wildcat (G-Block) – A Grand or A Gaffe?

Karachi January 15, 2019: Pakistan Exploration & Production (E&Ps) companies along with international partners have ventured into offshore territory of underexplored but promising Indus G-Block for a deep-sea drilling endeavor. The operator of the block, ENI (an Italian company working in Pakistan’s upstream sector since 2000) has chartered Saipem 12000 rig/ship to drill the exploration…

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