The International E-Business Expo 2018 will be held in Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou, China, October 19, 2018: PRNewswire/Knowledge Bylanes — At the International E-Business Expo 2018 Hangzhou, China, numerous e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart, and Netease will participate in the event. Cloud economics expert Joe Weinman and other E-commerce industry experts will attend the expo and give speeches.

Hangzhou, a beautiful city in China, hosted the G20 Summit in 2016. From October 20th to 22nd in 2018, the 5th China (Hangzhou) International E-Commerce Expo will be held in the same exhibition hall, Hangzhou International Expo Center.

The expo is divided into a series of exciting events such as the theme conference, the industry forum, the six exhibition halls, and the e-commerce celebration day. It is expected to receive more than 100,000 people to participate in the exhibition.

The expo is committed to creating an international e-commerce centre and a central city for international consumption. Focusing on topics such as the digital economy and new retail, the expo will carry out the deep integration of the digital economy with imports and consumption.

The theme of the expo is new retail, new business new consumption. Through demonstration, experience-sharing and other means, the expo will host discussions of the transformation of traditional business and the upgrading of market consumption, promote the development of the e-commerce and retail industry, and build an effective e-commerce public service platform to connect resources at home and abroad.

‘EBE China’ is a brand new image of this expo. In the future, this expo can play a more important role on the global stage. The Expo will be divided into three sections: forum, exhibition and conference.

It is expected to have an exhibition area of 30,000m2 and 1,000 booths. It will invite 100 domestic and international industry experts, 200 well-known e-commerce and retail enterprises, and 500 retail companies. The Expo will be a new milestone that has never been seen before. To see the future opportunities of e-commerce in Hangzhou, China in October.

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