Junoon concert tickets available at TCS

KARACHI, December 8, 2018: Tickets for the Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon concert are now available at selected TCS Express Centers in Karachi.

Touted to be an ‘epic reunion’ of Pakistan’s legendary rock band Junoon, the concert on 25 December, will feature performances of hit songs by the trio at the Airmen Golf Club.

Early bird discounts and online ticket sales are already open on Yayvo.com, Pakistan’s second largest ecommerce platform.

The tickets will be available in various categories comprising: Bronze Circle (Family Only and Seated) Section 1 and Section 2 for Rs. 5,000 each, Silver Circle (Mixed and Standing) for Rs. 5,000, Golden Circle (Mixed and Standing) for Rs. 7,500, and Pink Circle (Ladies Only and Standing) for Rs. 7,500. Premium Lounges are also available for Rs. 20,000 each.

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