ABL launches cardless ATM service

KARACHI, January 15, 2019: Allied Bank Limited (ABL), one of the country’s largest bank, has cardless ATM service to avoid fraud incidents.

After multiple incidents of data hacking of payment card by hackers and through skimming devices, in order to more secure the payment card transactions, Allied bank has completely converted its card system on biometric system.

Now the customers of ABL can withdraw their amount from any ABL ATM without carrying card. With biometric scanning service, ABL debt and prepaid card customers can avail ATM services including cash withdrawal, fund transfer and bill payments just with their thumb.

ABL customers will be required to enter the CNIC no to avail cardless ATM services. It may be mentioned here that Bank Islami was the first bank, which introduced biometric payment card services in Pakistan.

The increasing incidents of card screening and data hacking have forced the banks to take some extraordinary measures to protect the customers’ data and amount. It may be mentioned here that during the last one year, card data of several banks particularly Habib Bank Limited was theft by installing skimming devices at ATMs, while Bank Islami payment card data was hacked earlier in November 2018.

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