Floating Fishermen Jetty A CSR Project of CPHGC Inaugurated!

Karachi, February 05, 2019: Floating Fishermen Jetty, a USD 400,000/- CSR initiative of the China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt.) Ltd was handed over to the people of Allana Goth at a lovely ceremony in the presence of media and local dignitaries.

China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. is a project of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It is a joint venture between China Power International Holding (74%) and HUBCO (26%)

Chief Guests at the occasion were Mr. Guo Chunshui of the Economic Commercial Section, Consulate of the People’s Republic of China, Karachi, Mr. Arshad Hussain Bugti, Secretary, Coastal Development & Fisheries Department, Balochistan, Mr. Zhao Yonggang, CEO, CPHGC, Haji Akbar Askani, Advisor for Fisheries to the Chief Minister Balochistan. They were joined by local dignitaries and other esteemed guests.
Addressing the august gathering, Mr. Zhao Yonggang, Chief Executive Officer, CPHGC said that the Floating Fishermen Jetty was the fulfillment of a promise made to the people of the area. “Even before the Plant has started its operations, even before we made a single rupee of profit, we have delivered on our commitment to help the locals by providing them with infrastructure that will aid them in improving their lifestyle,” he said.

Mr. Guo Chunshui, Chinese Commercial Consul, Consulate of the People’s Republic of China highlighted the progress of CPEC said, “Over the past 5 years, under CPEC, 11 projects have been completed. 11 projects are under construction. The total investment of the above 22 projects is around 18.9 billion USD and 70,000 jobs are directly created for Pakistan.”

Congratulating CPHGC and the locals on the construction of the Jetty he said, “It is a great pleasure for me to attend today’s inauguration ceremony of the Floating Fisherman Jetty, donated by China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. On this special occasion, on behalf of the Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Karachi, I would like to give the warmest congratulations on this charity project which benefits our dear Pakistanis.”

Later the handing over document was signed by Mr. Zhao and Mr. Arshad Hussain Bugti, on behalf of the Coastal Development & Fisheries Department. The guests then proceeded on a tour of the Jetty.

Construction of the Jetty, that cost was financed by China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. on behalf of the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) the main sponsor of the 1320 MW CPHGC plant. The Jetty was constructed after reaching an understanding with the Coastal Development & Fisheries Department, Balochistan that it will be handed over to the people of Allana Goth. The Construction of the Jetty was performed by a Pakistani contractor, employing Pakistani manpower and took one year to complete.

In the absence of any associated infrastructure in the area, the Floating Fishermen Jetty will help the estimated 900 fishermen of Allana Goth better manage their trade, providing sustenance to more than 2000 people of the coastal village.China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. is helping the local communities reach self-sustainability through various CSR initiatives. In the past it has supported the youth by providing them with learning opportunities and then giving them employment at the Plant site.

The Company also came to the assistance of the local administration by helping to collect garbage off the streets.

CPHGC has partnered with The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) to construct a school in Gaddani. It is awaiting approval from the Government of Balochistan for procurement of land for the purpose. Earlier, it had donated a football pitch to a local TCF school providing the children there with a level playing field.

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